Things are supposed to be looking up, but I keep having these blah days.  I think I have all these wild expectations for life and then when life happens in a realistic manner, I am disappointed. People call me a pessimist, but I maintain that I am an cynical idealist.  I have all the high hopes and ideals in the world, more than I should, but I have been disappointed enough that I while I hope against hope that they will turn out, I still know they won’t.   It can make things very confusing in my head.

I just finished my last day of work for the summer.  I am considering seeing if I have the finances to not work next school year, either, in order to devote my time to this silly master’s thesis.  Not to mention that I need to start volunteering and also to get involved at church.  Which, I may have almost found one.  It’s still on probation, but it’s looking good.

Starting Monday, it’s thesis time.

But today is Friday.  And I want to have a good Friday, hopefully more than sitting in my apartment, watching a movie.  Although, if that is what ends up happening, then I will accept my fate.  But I have hopes for more.  (See? Hopes!)  Plus, it is lovely outside.

Celebrate!  Let’s!