I finally broke down after months of abstaining and went blues dancing again.  I decided that I personally have no ethical qualms about it, and if anyone else does, that’s their problem.  That said, it was lovely-lovely-lovely.  Why do I not go every week?

It’s a wonderful feeling: being held all night long, moving to the music, swaying, twirling, moving, connecting, pulsing, heads side by side, being close together, touching, breathing together and, for one song, being one unit.

Everyone should try blues.  But I do recommend the following first: be comfortable with your own skin.  Be comfortable with being touched by strangers (in non-creepy ways) and be okay with yourself as a sexual person.  Understand that you can be sensual and sexual without being inappropriate, and then, embrace it.  Or, better yet, embrace the person you’re dancing with.