I’ve been going to a new church; today was the third visit.  So far, so good.  I do wonder if its legitimate; since I know someone there, I’ve had an easier in.  But perhaps I should just take my advantages where I find them.  Anyway, I actually saw a girl there that I talked to at blues dancing this last week.  That was superb.  It makes me feel much more validated about my sketchy dancing habits.

I’ve been feeling down and out lately, as evidenced from one of yesterday’s posts.  But there is really no good reason for that.  Even yesterday turned out exceptionally well: I talked with some new friends yesterday for a few hours, had some other friends make me dinner for my birthday (belated), had another set of friends come over afterwards and hang out.  Really: I am getting quite a good social group here.  I need to recognize that and quit being so focused on myself and my wishes.

I do think my wishes are hindering me.  It takes time to develop friendship, time to get to the level I am with my friends back home.  And I am very slow at letting people in, so I am part of the problem.  The other thing I wish for is a relationship.  It’s not that I’m not happy single (how many times shall I say how much I love my independence?).  It’s that I know I don’t want to be single forever.  And I want that partner to face life with.  I want someone by my side, through thick and thin.  Someone to love; someone to love me.