At the church I am trying out, they have this thing where a group meets at a pub once a week to discuss theology.  This week they start a new book, Exclusion and Embrace, by Miroslav Volf.  I’m considering trying it out because I think it sounds like something I would enjoy.

Only, I’m afraid it will be like the Nicene Society at Prairie during my days there…  I tried out the Nicene Society (which was more philosophy than theology).  I really put my best effort forth.  But half the conversation was so far over my head that I couldn’t have contributed intelligently even if I wanted to, and the other half I was too intimidated to speak up.

My other concern is that I usually don’t get involved in a church until I know for sure it’s the one I want to stay at.  This is primarily so that it is easier to leave, which is perhaps counterproductive.  Perhaps sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet?

The idea of having a beer and discussing theology sounds right up my alley.  I’m just worried I won’t fit in or I won’t be smart enough.   However, I have determined to live fully, so maybe, just maybe, I will be brave and give this group a chance…