Last night, I met with my friend’s previously mentioned boss-man.  We talked about volunteer opportunities, ministry, life, church, faith, and everything in between.  And through it, I came across what seems like it could be a perfect fit ministry opportunity: one I’d been looking for, but had yet to find down here.

The house is part of a non-profit, and their first mode of contact is an outreach/drop-in center.  One of the things they want to have there are people who are willing to just talk with the youth, get to know them, be able to talk about faith in a real way.  Are you kidding me?  That is the exact ministry I’ve been looking for!  (Remember my old ministry back home of teaching/facilitating the class for new believers or people who had questions about faith?  My favourite was when I was “merely” a table leader.  I loved that ministry; it was the highlight of my week every week.)

The boss-man told me that  it sounds like I would be a perfect fit for this ministry and gave me the number of the guy to call.  He said they’ve been needing solid volunteers for the outreach center and have had a shortage.  Then I showed up on his front porch, asking to volunteer.  It just feels like such a God-ordained opportunity.  One that my friend inadvertently set up, since I think his thoughts were more for the house than the outreach center.

Plus, the boss-man had all these nice things to say to me: he called me intelligent, complimented my vocabulary, encouraged me to pursue writing more seriously.  It was brilliant.  Who doesn’t like hearing those things?

So, the gist of it all is that I am stoked.  And so hopeful.  And, and, and!  I hope it works out.