I am getting books today.  Delicious, delicious books:

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger is a book I’m reading to prepare myself to pick a thesis topic.  Our library has an outdated version, but I loved it so much already that I knew I needed the newest one, with the newest stats and information.  Talk about conviction!  Yikes.

Free to Be You and Me, and Free to Be a Family is a book that I had when I was a kid and loved.  I read it over and over and over.  And I kind of think, looking back, that it shaped me quite a bit in how I perceive the world and others around me.  Which is exactly the intention of the book.

Children Make Terrible Pets is not a book I have ever read.  But it is an author/illustrator that my good friend, who is an amazing artist herself, seems to like.  (Unless I am mistaken, but I am certain I found him through her.)  I love kid books, and I love quality kid books.  This one looks to be quality.

Exclusion & Embrace, well, you’ve heard about this one already.  I promised my friend to give the pub theology thing one more try, as he insists it is not normally like my experience.  Regardless, I really want to read this book, and to be able to mark in it.  Because it is just that good.

Putting Food By is a book I can hardly help but purchase, especially when I found it on “bargain pricing” from amazon.  Apparently they get overstock sometimes or books with slight markings  on their covers, so they discount them.  Same exact book, half the price?  Sign me up!  Plus, you know how I have a thing for cooking, baking, etc.  And someday, I hope to have a garden and be able to do my own canning.  This book looks like it is a must have.

And all of these lovely books are being delivered today, which is such a happy, happy thought.