It’s time to get serious.

Now that I’ve had a week of luxurious living (getting up whenever I feel like, only being somewhat productive, etc), I must enter into a new stage: discipline.  This whole doing whatever I want thing is not conducive to getting anything done.  First step?  Setting my alarm and getting up at 7am instead of 7:30am or 8am.  I know it’s not a big difference, but there’s something about waking up with purpose that helps my whole day go better.

I need to schedule daily goals of what I want to accomplish, and then I need to complete those goals.

I need to curb my spending, especially now that I no longer have income, and pare my budget down to the bare essentials.  With maybe a few Starbucks trips included.  (I can’t help myself.)  Not to mention dancing, which really is an essential.

These changes are minimal, but I feel like they’re really going to help.  Because my priorities the rest of this summer are my thesis, Greek, ministry/volunteering, dancing.

I can do it!  Right?