I woke up feeling pretty blah.  I’m not sure why because I went to bed in a perfectly good mood.  But not even nectarines this morning helped me to feel better.  So I’m still in my pjs and robe, drinking coffee and trying to dredge up something worthwhile to blog about.

I told God last night that I was lonely and that I was done with being lonely.  I told Him that it wasn’t fair to give me desires and to then not fulfill them, and that I’m done with waiting around.  I have a lot of nerve, sometimes.  And when I get like this, I also have a greater propensity of making bad choices.  And then I basically told Him that I intend to make bad choices unless He does something about it first.

I know, right?  It always amazes me that God hasn’t just kicked me out yet.  That, for some reason, He is still patient and loving and merciful to me.  Because I’ve always figured that I might as well be completely honest with God–it’s not like He doesn’t know, anyway.  However, I suppose at some point, I ought to just suck it up and change my attitude.

C’est la vie.