If one more person asks how my thesis is going…

Let’s get this out in the open, folks.  I only quit my job less than two weeks ago so that I could start working on the awful thing that is to be my thesis.  I have no statement, no outline, just a broad idea of what direction I want to go.  This means that I have to do all sorts of preliminary reading on my topic to see what’s out there and to see what specifically piques my interest.

I’m completely freaked out about the idea of choosing a topic, not only because I have done a half version of this in undergrad (and hated my topic by the end) but because I know I am going to be super busy once school starts, and I’ll still have to plug away at this, outside of all my other class work.  I can’t graduate from my program without my thesis, and I am the type to worry.

So when I hear, all the time, the question: “How’s your thesis going?”,  I want to tell the questioner to leave me alone.  And when my mom, good intentioned as she is, asks if I’m working on my thesis today, it not only fills me with anxiety, but makes me feel guilty for all the time I’m not working on my thesis.

Because I also do other things: I eat, sleep, read other books, go to church, work on Greek, volunteer, dance, see friends, grocery shop, drink beer.  Many of these other things are optional, and I know I fritter away some of my time.  But good gracious, it’s summer!  It’s summer, and I haven’t been allowed a real summer, and I want one.

So, please, be a friend: Don’t ask me about my thesis.