I have just one more week of freedom before I’m starting Atkins.  Am I nervous?  Yes.  Do I wonder if I have the willpower?  Yes.  Do I question my ability to keep up an essentially no bread diet indefinitely?  Yes.  I love bread, pasta, carbohydrates.  I’ve been cutting down on them for awhile now, all in preparation.  I want to do this diet for two reasons: 1. to lose weight (duh) and 2. to reset my body’s carbohydrate cravings.  They are my go-to food, and I want to try to have more balance in my diet and nutrition.  I’m all about moderation.  So while Atkins doesn’t start moderately, it ends moderately and according to your own body’s needs and chemistry.

Last week and this week I’ve been eating my way through all my non-Atkins approved perishables: milk, fruit, carrots, etc.  Hence why recently I made a carrot apple ginger soup, which was actually pretty good, but with it’s lovely orange colour, definitely makes you think of Fall, not Summer.

Speaking of orange coloured soup for some reason makes me think of pumpkin juice, hence Harry Potter.  All that to say, I broke down and purchased the first six Harry Potter movies.  They were at Freddie’s for $7 each and I could not help myself.  I’ll still have to purchase the last two at some point in the future (Part 7i and 7ii).  And I feel a little lame because I’d been waiting since the 4th movie came out to buy any: I wanted to get them as a set, telling myself it’d be the most cost effective way.  And a year or two after the full set comes out, it probably will be.  But $7 a movie??  You won’t beat that.  You might be able to compare to it, but you won’t beat it.

So Dad and I are watching HP7ii the first weekend in August.  I will be watching all the movies that weekend (I’ll have to borrow HP7i from a friend) in accordance with #3 on my 30 before 30 list.   I think we’re going to see the new one in IMAX, as that is Dad’s preferred venue.  I’m pretty excited.

Changes are in the wind!