I can’t believe tomorrow is August.  Incidentally, I made it!  I blogged every day this month, so that’s another thing checked off my list.  The only item that concerns me is walking the goat, because I haven’t seen the goats lately.  It’s possible that the neighbors don’t own them anymore, which would be slightly problematic for my list.  But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

With the summer drawing so quickly to a close, there are still a few things I want to accomplish.  I need, absolutely need, to have 2-3 proposed thesis statements with accompanying rough outlines by September.  I want to swim in/float down a river.  I want to go camping.  And I really only have about three weeks because I’ll be at home for basically the last week.  So, productivity must increase.

Also, every time I look at textbooks for classes, I am slightly horrified at the cost.  Although, I already own one of the books for one of my classes from a previous class I took.  And, I’ve already read the whole thing.  Ha!

Finally, I have a new psuedo-plan for my future.  I’ll get my current Masters, get a job and pay off my loans, then go back to school for a ThM, then get a job and pay off those loans, then go back to school for PhD and finally find a job teaching.  Yes?  Maybe?  We’ll see.