Apparently that whole blog every day for a month thing last month has reset my internal rhythm to feel like blogging way more than I ought to.  I’ll work on that.  Promise.

I think it can be said that I joke about marrying a man for money all too often.  People are going to start taking me seriously.  Some of them might already?*

But, really relationships (at least, the idea of them?) terrify me.  Which is why I generally sabotage relationships before they have a chance to start.  (Although, per #26 of my 30 before 30 list, thanks to one ((many)) of my friends, I am not supposed to do that.)  It also explains why I’ve liked the idea of dating guys I wasn’t actually very interested in: it’s much safer if you never get emotionally involved.  Then if things don’t work out, you haven’t lost anything but time.

But while it might be safer, I know it is lacking.  You must miss out on so much.  However, love is terrifying.  I think I will need some good pep talks from my married friends who (still) love their spouses.

Let the pep talks commence.


*So apparently one of the guys here on campus thought I was serious when I told him I was destined to marry for money. I had asked how I could possibly live life without having to work a job I hated or constantly be in school.  It was a joke!  But I’ve found that many of the guys on campus here don’t get me very well, which is really too bad.  Because I’m hilarious.