I was thinking about movies today.  There are two major divisions of movies, in my opinion.  One is the kind you want to watch by yourself, and the other is the kind you want to watch with another person.  I’m not sure what makes the distinction.

Last night I tried out the home community group I’ve been talking about.  I won’t be able to go again for a couple weeks because I’ll be out of town, but I had a delightful time.  I knew four other people there, which was great, and the others seemed really friendly.  It wasn’t a normal meeting, as during the summer they’re just social gatherings, but I think it will be a good fit.  Although, at the end of the evening, a whole bunch of them ended up singing karaoke, which is never something I participate in, but it was quite enjoyable to observe.  It’s always interesting to see people in unexpected contexts.

Life has been taking some upward turns.  I like it.