It has been determined that it is not possible to write a thesis statement and an outline (let alone two or three) in one day without prior research.  This may have been obvious to most of you, but I have just learned it (again).

However, I think I’m narrowing it down to a couple of options to explore: John Chrysostom’s theological influences, and John Chrysostom’s soteriology.

Or I could accept defeat and just quit while I’m ahead.

But if I don’t accept defeat… the soteriology of Chrysostom looks fascinating (in my head).  I haven’t found anything yet written on that specifically; although I will allow that it is something that is written as part of other papers/essays/books.  But either that means it is something of a newer topic (or less explored, I should say) OR I’m completely off base.  I’m hoping for the former.

His theological influences would probably be outside my abilities to actually research at this point in my academic career.  Because I have no idea how to even begin on that one.  I could make stuff up: see connections and then prove they’re there.  But I’m not sure that’s how that’s supposed to work?

I suppose I might have to push back my deadline (again) or else bring books home with me.  I was planning on only bringing my Greek with me, but alas.  We’ll see how I feel when I pack tonight.

Theses are stupid.