It’s night two with the kids, and I’m exhausted.  How do people do this all the time?  The dishes never end; the laundry never ends; there is always at least one little girl asking for a drink of water or complaining that one of her sisters was mean.  And nearly all of my tweets this past day and a half have been about the kids.  Already I’m losing my ability to be interesting.  At least my brother and sister-in-law return tomorrow (sometime), and I will return to my regularly scheduled programming.  Plus, the plan so far is to go home on Thursday, but then sometimes I get nostalgic and feel like I should stay longer.  But I have to get ready for school to start on Monday.  Yikes.  School.  My last year for this masters degree.

At the theology pub tonight, I’m missing the discussion about Gender Identity (from Volf’s book Exclusion and Embrace), which I had really been looking forward to, but I suppose it might be better for me to not be there?  I do get a bit hot under the collar about that topic sometimes.  But as my brother left me a beer (he always does when I watch the kids–funny, right?), I had that today and had half the experience of theology pub.

Well, although it’s early yet, I hardly slept at all last night and since the kids are already in bed, I think that’s where I’m headed, too.  Getting in bed before 9pm… It’s true.