Sometimes, I really dislike the male gender.  Just saying.

It’s been six days without coffee, and while the fog is finally lifting, I also can’t stay up very late anymore (not that I ever stayed up “very late”).  I start yawning around 8:30pm and would rather be in bed by 9:30pm.  I’m considering skipping home community group tomorrow if I’m too tired from my busy day to be social.

Also, I’ve been on the National Marrow Donor Program for several years now.  I signed up in community college, so back in 2002-ish, is my guess.  Today I got an email that said I’m a potential match.  So they want to talk to me about getting a High Resolution tissue thing (I don’t think they need anything from me, actually, since they have a blood sample already).  Not sure, though.  A representative is going to call tomorrow.  Then it can take up to two months for them to come back with one of four options: 1. Not a match.  2. A match and requested to donate.  3.  A match but the patient isn’t ready for transplantation.  4.  A match and they require confirmatory testing.

The likelihood is that I’m not a match, but I determined years ago that it’s something I would go through with if I ever was a match.  I’m surprised I have even been contacted, actually.  And I’m interested to talk to the gal tomorrow, to see what the procedure is, etc.

Well. It’s off to bed with me.