…so take off all your clothes.

Just kidding!  I prefer folks to stay dressed, actually.

But, boy howdy, it is hot!  Well, probably not so much, but I’ve never been one for the heat, and our apartments do not cool off for anything.  The main problem is that when it gets hot, I lose motivation to do anything but sit and sweat.  (Not that I want to sweat, but that it happens.)  My attempt is to get up early enough to get several hours of homework in before the day heats up because during the afternoons and early evening, I am almost good for nothing.  Problem being that as it cools off, it also gets later, and I get sleepy.

Also. Doing both Hebrew and Greek is proving to be a killer.  Time-wise, that is.  I’m getting farther and farther behind (in general) and it’s only been two weeks.  But my philosophy class (as I insist in reference to my Theology & Ethics class, since the prof really only cares about philosophy) is the last priority, and that will bite me in the butt sooner or later.

I will say it again: I need a wife.  Doing things like laundry, mending, grocery shopping and cooking meals takes entirely too much time.