Yesterday, I had my first Sabbath in over a year.  And it was delightful.  Now I remember why it’s so important to take a Sabbath rest.  First and foremost, because it’s God’s gift of rest to us.  But also because (perhaps as a part of that) I cannot face doing school seven days a week.  I just can’t.  So, ironically, or perhaps fittingly, because I took yesterday off, I actually felt ready to face today.  And this is not going to be an isolated incident: I’m going to make accepting the Sabbath a priority once again in my life.  God has never let me down in the past, certainly He won’t now.

In other thoughts, I somehow need to learn to integrate my inner self with the self I project to the general public.  I think this is most noticeable in me in regard to men.  If you only listened to me jabber on, and never sat down in a so-called heart to heart conversation, you might actually think I have a pretty low opinion of men in general.  This is not at all true, as those of you who know me know.  I’m not against men, nor relationships.  I am content single, but I don’t want to necessarily stay that way.  It’s just that it is easier if I do, and I’m okay if that happens.  It’s not perhaps my desire, but I’ll accept my lot in life.

Only, I think my lot in life might be improved if I was a bit truer to myself in public conversation.  Something to work on.

And, finally, I think Hebrew is beginning to click, to make sense.  There is hope!