I know. You can’t trust me if I tell you I’m going to be done with school.  You just shouldn’t.  Humor me, but never believe me.

Because, believe it or not, I’ve already decided that I might as well get my ThM before quitting (ha).  You see, my degree at the moment is relatively useless when it comes to finding a paying job.  But a ThM is a teaching degree, so I’d at least have the option/hope of finding an associate professorship somewhere.

With that in mind, and considering I’d decided I don’t want a ThM at my current school (too ministry oriented, and not quite enough of an academic reputation), I’ve realized I need to make a few decisions.  Originally I was going to do an MDiv equivalency and get into the ThM program here.  But as I no longer want to do that, I’m realizing that simply getting an MDiv might be in my best interest.

Therefore, I’m looking at switching into the MDiv TS (Theological Studies) program here.  It would be about two more years, but it would give me an easy in to the schools I’m looking at for a ThM.  And I’d get to take more languages (which is a plus), although I guess I’d have to take a bunch of other classes too (homiletics, yuck).  And I don’t think there’s an internship, although I don’t promise that.

I’m not sure if this next bit is a plus or a negative: I’m not sure a Thesis is required, but I bet there’s space in the program through electives.  (Whoever thought of writing a thesis for an elective?)  But that means I could push it off another year… haha.  Yes, anything to push off writing my thesis.  But perhaps this time I’d be more dedicated to reading and getting preliminary research done?

I’m meeting with an adviser at 2pm today to discuss the switch.

I make life decisions at the drop of a hat.