Too many questions!

Should I attend a home community?  Should I make time for theology pub?  Should I write my thesis on gender?  Should I continue school after this year?  I’m clearly blessed with the ability to learn languages easily, how do I use that in my life?  What will I do after this year?  What will I do, ever?  Why am I still single?  (Why? What? How? When? Where?)

Yes. Yes. Yes. Probably not? I have no idea. Who knows. Good question. Only God knows.

There, most of the answers I’ve given myself.  But I am haunted by the fear that I am making the wrong decisions all the time.

Theologically, I don’t think that’s possible.  Even if I made the so-called wrong decision, I believe that God turns all things into good for those who love Him.  But regardless of that, if I am walking in His will, listening to His counsel, He is not leading me down the “wrong” path.

So what am I so worried about?