I want to put a plug in for World Next Door and Barry Rodriguez Photography.  WND is a social justice travel magazine, but only in part. I’d venture to say it is so much more.  Yes, a huge thrust is reporting about social justice issues worldwide, making them visible, but the interns and volunteers also get involved with organizations while they are learning, reporting, photographing their experiences.  They are not idle observers, but active participants.  I am a huge fan of this organization, and I really think you should check them out.  Read the blogs, get involved, start caring.

Now, Barry Rodriguez is the founder/director of WND.  Which is crazy because I think he’s around my age, not much older if older at all.  (Side question: how does a person manage to have their head straight so young while I feel like I am still floundering?)  I happen to have a pedestal crush on this man, which I can admit on my blog.  (We’re twitter friends, so clearly I can’t announce it there.)

All that to say, Barry photographs his travels and experiences, also.  He has some great stuff, and it’s available for purchase. If you buy prints from his WND albums, all the proceeds go to WND.  I recently purchased four prints, one from the Kenya album, one from the India album and two from his Sightseeing album.  They are gorgeous.  And, when I announced on Twitter that I’d received them in the mail, Barry asked if I knew the stories behind the ones I’d picked and knew which ones I’d purchased.  (I suppose this could be that not many people are aware of his photography site yet, or it could be that he just cares about his work. Or, let’s be honest: he’s probably secretly in love with me from my twitter feed.  Which would make sense.)

Really, folks, check it out.  Consider purchasing some pictures; you won’t regret supporting this organization.