Remember that chapter I referenced awhile ago from Volf?  The one that made me feel for the first time in years that its okay to be both a Christian and a woman?  And I promised to write a blog about it, potentially within the week?

Yeah, obviously that didn’t happen.  But I didn’t forget; I promise.  It’s just that life took over. I mean, what do you expect?  I’m taking both Greek and Hebrew, trying to write a thesis (topic), plus constantly having emotional breakdowns.  However, I am finally re-reading the chapter for an abstract I have due and also to double dip for my thesis.  (It’s true.)  So eventually in the near future, have hope. There might be a blog that will open your eyes and fill your hearts with wonder.

In the meantime, if I might suggest a bit of reading for you: Children of Existence.  You can buy it through Amazon (linked) or through  It’s a great book.  The description reads: “A land that is separated from all others. A mysterious lake whose center holds the key. A man who is stranded with no recollections of his past. A group of men who are forced to journey into the unknown. A conspiracy which contaminates the land. Children of Existence is a meditation on human longing, suffering, and the need for purpose. It is a tale both dark and uplifting. A fable in which evil and the human plight come face to face.”

I promise that this book is worth your money. And it’s not an academic book (although if you are an academic, you will appreciate the many layers and allusions you will find embedded in the story); it’s one that anyone can read and enjoy. By the way, if you end up buying it and reading it (which I heartily recommend), let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts.