One mocha with whip, please.

Seriously.  Please bring me one.  And if it comes with chocolate flakes on top, all the better.

In other news, I went to the Dollar Bookstore yesterday (deceptive name, but nearly true).  I got a collection of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, two Calvin & Hobbes books, one Moosewood cookbook, one DVD and two Christmas cds (both of which were still in the original plastic).  Guess how much I spent?  Only $12.  Amazing!  That place is great.  Nearly magical, I’d say.

My friend was here for the weekend.  We went to the zoo (and bought pocket hippos), went to Value Village (I got a pink flannel shirt), went to the Dollar Bookstore, watched a few movies, ate a lot of food and, in general, enjoyed ourselves as one only can when one is on vacation.

Too bad life started back up today with crummy weather, no ink in my printer and my favourite pair of jeans giving in to an unfortunately placed and irreversible hole.

But it will get better.  Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I am celebrating with friends.  Three cheers!