The next big thing on my 30 before 30 list is to throw a party.  Technically, I have thrown a party before (for my sister when she had her uterus removed… a Uterus Retirement Party with her best friends…), but not an honest to goodness party where I invite my own friends and hope they come.  So I’m nervous and excited.

I’m going to have an Appetizer and Dessert Party.  Doesn’t that sound delightful?  And everyone brings either an appetizer or a dessert to share, which means there is very little I have to do, other than make my own to share.  (Incidentally, I am going to make two different appetizers, because I have a feeling most people will bring desserts.)  You all know I’m a planner and organizer to the -enth degree, so don’t think that’s all I’ve thought about.  I’ve purchased Fall themed paper plates (little square ones!) with napkins.  I’ve created the invitations (as most will be invited on facebook, but I’m inviting the single seminary apartments, and I am not friends with all of them).  I’m going to ask folk to bring a favourite game (if they are so inclined) in case there is a want for something to do other than eat.  I’m considering going through my music to create a playlist of good background music.

It’s not until two weekends from now (the only weekend that worked for me until next semester), so I’ll put out the actual invites next week.  I’ve started mentioning it to people, though…  I’m a bit of a nerd, I know.  But it is on my list.  Interestingly, I only assigned it 20 points.  (Oh, those arbitrary points…)

I don’t expect everyone to show up, but I do hope that more than five will.