I just watched the movie No Reservations, and for whatever reason, it made me realize just how much I desire a partner in life.  And not just that, but children.  And here I sit at 29 years old, and in my logical mind, I know I am not old, but I feel as if I am being passed by.  Or I am allowing life to pass me by.  Or something.  I’m mean, honestly, I was pretty close to just bawling my eyes out.  And at a movie, no less!  (What is happening to me?)

And I know this is becoming a frequent theme on my blog, so for that I apologize, but apparently it is hitting me hard lately.

Now I’m watching Rumor Has It which will probably make me feel also sad that I’m alone.  The dude just told Jennifer Aniston (to her cry that she doesn’t fit in with anyone) that she fits with him.  But who do I fit with??

I’m pathetic.