First, I slept in today, about an hour, and it felt great.

Second, I have a Prairie friend visiting for the weekend, and that is great.

Third, I was completely wacky last night at the basketball game.  I think the stress from an emotional week combined with working on languages literally the entire week finally make me crack.  Of course, by completely wacky, I really just mean that I apparently was very chatty, had all sorts of random things to contribute, and forgot to introduce my friend to my other friends until she reminded me, etc.  (OOPS.)  But the guys kept giving me these looks, so I can only assume I actually wasn’t my normal self even though I couldn’t tell.  And one of them said he wanted to know what was going through my mind because what I was saying was funny.  (Well, I was unfortunately saying exactly what I was thinking.)  This morning, I am thinking back and thinking they might have had a point.

In addition, last night I learned that you can’t say “sport game.”  Quite innocently I stated that I’m trying to go to more sport games and two of the guys gave me such looks and immediately informed me that that is not proper lingo.  The one suggested/joked (threatened?) that they next time he tutors me for Hebrew, he is going to include a session on sports.

Fourth, I talked to my Hebrew prof and she was great and encouraging.  Honestly, God must have me taking Hebrew not just for academics, but to grow me and to introduce me to this prof.  She understands me, and she is so awesome.  Besides the encouragement (which was, again, exactly what I needed to hear), she told me (in my response to my lament that I’m an emotional mess) that that is God’s deal, not mine, and He’ll sort it out.  I needed to hear that, also, as it releases me from the pressure of feeling like I have to get myself on an even keel all by myself.

So there you have it. Four things for a Saturday morning.