I think it’s possible that I can and should judge people on their movie recommendations.

I have had several folk tell me that I had to see at least one James Bond movie (as I never had), so this Saturday, with a group of friends, I watched Casino Royale.  First off, James Bond is a sleaze.  Second, the plot line sucks.  Third, what?  Fourth, and this quite possibly the worst part, I spent the first 30 minutes wondering why Daniel Craig seemed familiar… He is goofy looking with a monkey face.  And he reminded me of someone.  When I finally realized who, I almost didn’t finish watching the movie.  Yes, folks, Daniel Craig reminded me of my douche ex-boyfriend.  Funny how both were sleazy.  Or not funny.  Physical revulsion.  For real.

I have a few people in my life who I can trust to make movie recommendations.  And I think that  I need to stick to them from now on.  And I also think I should never watch a movie with that man in it again. Ugh.