My Biblical Hebrew tutor was trying to encourage me yesterday.  Here are his attempts (these are not his exact words, but they are representative of his message):

1. “You know the stuff you’re going to learn first thing next semester?  I didn’t learn that until third semester, which was really a fifth semester class.”

2. “I read a lot about Navy Seals and how they’re trained, and I realized that it’s similar to the Hebrew program…”

3. “Don’t worry; I’ve already judged you.” (Okay, these are exact words.)

But in honesty, I have a great tutor.  He’s super helpful and knows how to explain things without making it worse.  Plus he’s always willing to take the time to help.  Seriously, I don’t know if I would have made it through this semester without his patient, consistent help.  So, thanks, Mr. Tutor, even though you’ll never read this blog.