My free time has largely been filled with… you guessed it, baking!

Yesterday I made Orange Chocolate Buttermilk Scones and garlic naan (for my tandoori chicken).  Today I made truffles and pumpkin pie.  Not that I need this much food in my apartment, but it’s delightful nonetheless.  Real food wise, I made Praise the Lord Soup, which despite its corny name, is one of my favourite soups.  And it will feed me for several meals, which is what I’m looking for.

In between baking, cooking and eating, and sometimes concurrently, I’ve been watching movies.  I won’t confess how many I’ve seen in the past three days, but let me tell you that it is more than I usually watch in a month.  Ha!

Fear not, I have left my apartment a few times… I did have to go to the grocery and check the post.  And perhaps tomorrow or perhaps by Monday, I will start doing homework again.  But I felt like I deserved a few days rest and relaxation.