The ignorance of people frustrates me mightily.  I’m watching Dances with Wolves and it has had its good moments, but overall, it just reminds me of how entirely terrible people are.  The problem is that I know it’s portraying a reality about humankind, about the past of America, that I wish wasn’t true.  And it’s a reality that is played out over and over again.  It’s not new and it’s not over.

What is it with humans that we believe we are better than someone else because they are not like us?  That we can hurt and destroy and be terrible to each other?  That we have the right to do so?

Why can’t we just get along?  Why can’t we just live out the love of Christ?  Even if just everyone who claimed to be Christian began living how we ought, that in and of itself would make a difference.  But those of us who have that knowledge, that love, don’t live it.  Why?

[This is why I tend to pick fluffy movies to watch in my free time.  The real ones are too hard to watch.]