My parents sent me home with a 4lb lamb roast.  I’ve never made lamb before.  But my roommate bought me a Coffee Cookbook for Christmas, which just so happened to have a recipe for lamb in it. Perfect.

Tonight I made coffee roasted lamb.  I served it with a lima bean and pasta salad (with a cheese sauce) that I made up, and ended up being delicious (I have long wanted to redeem lima beans from my childhood memories).  I had three friends come over for dinner, and one brought salad.

I thought everything turned out nicely.  And look, a real dinner, like an adult eats.  I admit my meals themselves are rarely balanced, but over the whole of the day I manage to get everything in.  It’s just so much work to make all the sides for one person.  It’s nice to cook for others.

You couldn’t tell the lamb or the gravy was made with coffee, but I think it needed something.  I’m just not sure what. I should have probably used cream instead of milk, but there is something else missing…  Oh well.  I’ll probably use the leftover meat in a Shepherd’s Pie or something.  Or a lamb stew perhaps.

I’m not sure if I’ll do anything else with my evening.  But I’m satisfied.