A friend of mine tweeted this last night:  “I don’t think God typically cares where we are so long as we are being faithful there. Unless he makes a specific command it’s up to us.”

Where, what, how, perhaps those all fall into the same category.  I like to compartmentalize everything.  I like to have everything clearly labeled.  I don’t like the messiness of real life, of living out faith.  And I quickly lose perspective and simply zone in on one aspect of whatever situation I am in, instead of trying to step back and see it big picture.  Hence I find myself backed into corners, all the time.  Because I back myself there.

I need reminders of reality.  I need reminders that we’re not merely puppets, but that God allows us quite a bit of freedom in life, provided we are living out faith.  My life is not a mapped out perfectly for me, with every step meticulously planned, so that I have to fear of making a wrong step which will plunge me into inescapable failure.  That’s not how God works.  And I know that.  I just forget it.  Frequently.

But God is good.  And He is patient.  And He is faithful.