Get excited.  These are real secrets.  At least I think they might be…

Okay. The problem is that I can only think of three real secrets (i.e. things I am unwilling to tell the world at large) and unfortunately, I have no real desire to tell the interweb, either.  So I suppose I could tell half-secrets.  Things that I haven’t told the world at large, but are still true.  Therefore, without further ado:

1. I recently decided that instead of acting like I am not interested in a person I like, I should at least act as though there is a door that could be opened. (Metaphorically speaking.)

2. Girls scare me. Especially the “cute” ones.  It’s something about how they always have perfect makeup and perfect hair and perfect outfits…  even in their “comfy” outfits, they’re still perfectly put together.  It astonishes me.  I manage to be put together approximately once a year.

3. I can be peer pressured into almost anything.  I cannot be guilted; I cannot be manipulated.  But peer pressure gets me every time.  The idea that all of my friends want me to join them?  I might have the strength to say no once, twice or even three times, but ask me right or ask me enough, and I will likely give in.  (Caveat: there are some things that I absolutely will not say yes to; this is not an across the board truth.)

4. I am unreasonably afraid of the dark.  Until college, I used to jump into bed because I couldn’t handle walking across my room in the dark.  I used to have to ask people to walk me to my car at night.  Now, I soldier through and fake it, but it takes almost nothing to scare the wits out of me. (Friends who know me: do not use this to your advantage.)

Something else you want to know about?  Just ask.  (Although I make no promises.)