Alright, enough with the emotions.  Onto real life.

Why do people feel the need to ask me what I want to do when I’m done with my schooling?  Sure, I only have this semester of coursework, then a thesis.  Yes, I’m almost done, almost to the point of being kicked out into the world.  But, no, I have no idea what I want to do.  I have a whole host of ideas, but I’m not committed to any one of them at this point.  I think I’ll try to list them here, in no particular order, for mutual enjoyment and perusal:

1. Go overseas; work in an orphanage.
2. Go overseas; teach English.
3. Get a job at World Next Door and convince Barry to marry me.  I think the second part might be a joke.
4. Get a nursing degree and go overseas.
5. Find a non-profit ministry job.
6. Get married and have a family.
7. Get any job I can find, pay off current loan, go back to school for more debt.  I mean more degrees.
8. Get a ministry job, wait until I’m 35, and start adopting babies. (One parent is better than no parents?)
9. Change direction entirely and become a writer.
10. Some combination of some of the above.

I do feel confident that God will open doors as they should be opened.  I don’t have to worry about it entirely.  Opportunities will arise (or be found) when they need to be.  For the time, I’ll be in the area until at least December, when I actually graduate.  After that, well, by then I will hopefully know better what my direction should be.

EDIT: I need to add one more thing!
Either married or single, being involved in whatever ministry  it is (church/parachurch/nonprofit), I want to have a house known for hospitality.  That is probably an ultimate goal regardless of my life situation. I want a home that is open to others, where they are welcome to come and just be.