Somehow it is Friday.  And somehow I have done almost no homework yet this week.  So today and tomorrow, I have to get the following accomplished: Hebrew quiz (by today), Greek translation and sentence diagramming, the research for rough draft #1 for Masters Colloquium, if not at least part of the paper written.  Plus, I need to go to the bank, figure out my registration stuff (for my car) and apply for graduation.  Oh, and I really ought to start working on revising my paper for the gender conference and perhaps consider writing an outline and abstract for my thesis.

With the timeline I’m on, this weekend needs to be a jump-starter for me.

Reality is staring me in the face, and I don’t care. If I weren’t on my last semester of coursework for my master’s degree, I would have taken a break from school.  Really.  I’m tired.  I want to spend time with people, not books.  I’m ready to be done.