This doesn’t happen very often, so revel in the moment: I am about to talk about near particulars of my current personal life.  This last week has been a big one for me emotionally, in regard to men.  But in really, really good ways.  And so, for some reason, I thought I’d share with my blog.

Let’s see.  This last week I told a friend how I felt about him.  I knew how he felt, so it wasn’t like I was anxious about that (although one does always feel anxiety with how a person will respond).  And his response, while exactly what I expected, was so affirming of both me and our friendship that there was zero sting.  How is that even possible?  But it is, I promise.  And the cool part, although super odd, was that it dissipated anything I might have felt beyond friendship, in the healthiest way possible.  I didn’t expect that, but I thought it was a nice bonus.

And then I got in contact with that guy I reference every so often: the one I was previously in love with, but had never really reconciled with.  I had no contact information for him, as I had deleted it all due to lack of self-restraint, so I tried to add him as a friend on facebook, knowing he would just deny me.  It was an act of desperation, folks.  But, he called last night, and we talked for over three hours.  And we talked about everything.  For the first time, we just shared our stories of what happened between us, and I feel like we came out in the best possible place.  And this time, I am going to hold this reconciliation in an open hand.

Being real, being honest… it’s an awesome feeling.  It’s a discipline I am trying to practice in my day to day life.  And I like it.