Because you all want a play by play of my life, right?

I have a plan.  I will catch up (somehow) this weekend.  My Hebrew prof cancelled our quiz this week, so that helps majorly. And she sent me this lovely email after I emailed about considering dropping the class:

“I am totally serious—don’t bail on me. You are doing just fine in this course. You know it will take work, but you also know that you have what it takes and that you are gifted at this. Plus, you love it. It isn’t about a grade in here—it is about LEARNING!!! And you are doing that.

I would not fight this hard for just any student—and you know I will always support what you decide. But please trust me on this. You are going to make it just fine. Let’s just learn… To read and to love the Word together. This is about more than just a class… It is about a lifestyle of learning and growing… It’s not about a requirement—it’s about passion. And you have that. Besides, I so desperately want the chance to walk weekly with you through this semester.”


“I was just praying for you and felt I needed to add this one more thing.

I have seen God do so much in your heart this school year—SO MUCH—and if the only reason you were in Hebrew was for that bit of encouragement to my heart—it would be enough. I just want you to know that, in case you choose to drop and fear what I will think. You do what is best for you—and know that I have been overjoyed to be part of the journey and to watch you grow.”

She is such an encouragement to me.  And she’s right.  And so… I’m going to stick it out and just hope that somehow, I manage to get on top of everything again.  God has me here for a reason, so I just have to trust that He will provide.