I am in the midst of writing my first, and unfortunately not last, exegetical paper.  It’s on Genesis 1:24-31, the Sixth Day in the first creation account (in case you are unfamiliar with that reference).

I have reverted to my undergraduate habits to help with this paper: as many lights on as I can get, a cup of coffee by my side and Martin Hummel’s Eternal Love: 17th Century German Lute Songs in the background.  Hummel always helps me write papers.  Something about a baritone singing German love songs from the 1600’s, accompanied only by a lute… It just makes me feel smarter.  And it’s non-distracting because I have zero idea what he is saying, plus the music itself is pretty staid.

That said, although I completely failed in my attempts to do word studies for this paper (and had to instead depend on other people’s work), I’m almost feeling confident about where I’m going.  Not that I’m very far. I’m currently working on writing what I’ve termed “exegetical insights” on four words: human, image, likeness and dominion. (I would have written them in Hebrew, but wordpress doesn’t seem to like the formatting.)  Then, I just have to write a commentary on the verses (which might stump me), and finally I’ll write what I’m calling a “theological excursus.”  That just means I’ll figure out some good application from this passage.

At least the next one will be in Galatians, which means Greek, which is a language I have a modicum of comfort using.

PS You should consider buying this tome: Flame of Yahweh: Sexuality in the Old Testament, by Richard M. Davidson. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s beautiful and wonderful.  And academic, but not in an off-putting way.