Are you ready?

I talked briefly before about what I’m doing this Lenten season.

But now I’ve figured out a few more of the specifics.  I sponsor a child from the Dominican Republic, so I’ve chosen that as my country to model.  I’ve done some research, figured out common meals, and even found a fabulous food blog that is written by a Dominican and has traditional recipes on it.  Check out Aunt Clara’s Kitchen.  She has a wide variety, and although I plan on mostly sticking to the normal, every day type dishes (such as La Bandera Dominicana), I might try out some fancier ones on Sundays (the feast day of Lent).

I even bought myself a 5 lb bag of Homai white rice.  I can’t remember the last time I bought white rice–I’ve been a brown basmati girl for years.  But I felt that in the spirit of the fast, I ought to stick to white.  Plus, it only cost around $0.60/lb if I recall correctly.  I already have plenty of dried beans in my cupboard, so I won’t have to buy those for awhile.

I’m excited to try out my new recipes. I’m sure my enthusiasm will fade, but there are so many different ways to make rice & beans, that hopefully it will take some time.  In addition, it seems that at least the noon meal usually has meat with it, and there is generally a side of salad to go along, so…  It should be all good.  I figure for snacks in between meals, I’ll have fruit.  I’m not worried about trying to eat fruit that is common to the DR; it’s just not in season here.  I’ll stick to local, in season fruit, for the most part.

Let me know your Lenten plans, if you have any. :)