The good thing is that I’m starting strong. I love the Dominican dishes I’ve prepared; there are some seriously great herbs involved (cilantro!!).  I’m not going to doubt that I will eventually get tired of variations of rice & beans, but so far, it’s pretty satisfying.  I think the hardest part for me is not being able to just eat whatever, whenever I want.  But this will be good; it will help me reset some of my unhealthy eating patterns, force me to eat fruit or veggies as snacks and only when I’m truly hungry.

I am, in fact, eating an apple right now as I wait for my lunch to heat up.  Toaster ovens take longer, but the taste is superior.  And, as any of you who know me or who have followed my blog for some time know, I don’t use microwaves.

I’ve been reading Chris Seay’s daily devotions in his book A Place at the Table.  I appreciate what he has to say; I like the prayers he includes, and I love the spotlight on an person.  I’m not a huge fan of the translation he chose for the Scripture readings–I prefer a more literal rendering, one that takes less poetic license–but so far, so good.