I was going to have a second site dedicated to just poetry. But then I decided I’m tired of compartmentalizing my life, so if I want to post a poem, I’ll post it here.  But most of them will simply stay buried in my poetry file.

That said, I “finished” the poem I put an excerpt of yesterday.  I mean, it’s not actually finished, but it’s in a much closer state than it was previously.  Most of my poems go through several tweaks, over the span of months or years, before I consider them truly done.


moving as one
I respond
to your every touch–
this conversation
is between
my flesh and yours.
you hold me close,
only clothing
separates us.
I feel you
and I breath you in,
the connection
between our bodies
is deeper than us
and is nothing
I can control.
when you let me go
I stumble
as if I’ve drunk
too much beer
but I’ve only imbibed
your essence
and your body
is calling to mine.