I have a hard time being real on this blog.  I mean, I am real on it, but only about certain topics.  Some topics I flirt with, others I ignore completely.  Of course, being my own blog, I have the prerogative to pick and choose what I write about.

But I read a blog today by Brian LePort, which I felt dovetails nicely with what I’m thinking about lately.  It’s called The complexity of becoming and rebecoming a Christian.  I would recommend clicking and reading it.  The main gist, as I read it, is that there is not one path to becoming a Christian, and many times, becoming a Christian is not just a one time event, but a series of events.  Which reminds me of one of my favourite Donald Miller quotes: “Becoming a Christian might look more like falling in love than baking cookies.” (From Searching for God Knows What.)

I think where I am taking this is not that I question my own faith, but that I question the prescribed life that has been laid out for me by fellow Christians.  The mores, the so-called values, the path that I am supposed to religiously and perfectly follow.

Of course, let us be honest.  When I talk about some of my questions with friends, I frequently find that the worry seems to center much more on the outward actions one might see and potentially disapprove of rather than inward attitudes.  So if I am greedy or mean or judgmental, I might get some sort of mild censure, as in being told that those attitudes aren’t Christlike.  But if I suggest that I might make poor choices of a sexual nature or involving alcohol/drugs, I might get an entire lecture on how this will ruin my life.  To be fair, shouldn’t we think that both types could “ruin” one’s life?

However, even with that, I fail to see how a life could be ruined, in the sense that we use that word, in light of God’s redeeming nature.  Not that you sin so that grace abounds.  But understanding that you are not always on a perfectly straight path through life, and might find yourself in a different place than you should be.  Or maybe it is right where you should be, and you will learn and grow from the experience in a way you could have never guessed.

Honestly, I have no answers for my musings, only more musings.

So if I stray from my set path, the one not set by me but others, show me some grace as I muddle my way through this life.