I presented at the gender conference today.  And it went great.  I was worried that folk wouldn’t get into the discussion or engage, but they completely did!  I had great questions, all throughout the presentation, and several of the attendees told me afterwards that they had never thought about the Trinity or the gender of God (as beyond gender) before, or in the ways I was talking about.  It felt so affirming.  My opening questions did exactly what I’d hoped.  I didn’t forget anything.  I presented coherently.  So glad.

The only bit of constructive criticism, which was really helpful to hear afterwards, was to not apologize for what I’m talking about, but to present confidently.  I had to laugh at that bit, because I know my insecurities got the better of me.  But it’s so true.  You should never apologize for your passion.  Everyone knows that I’m not the be all and end all of this topic, and that my views will continue to grow and change as I grow and change.

To reward myself, there is a free outdoor swing dance today, and I am going to go.  Woo hoo!