Last night I stayed out until 4am dancing.  Well, I didn’t go out dancing until midnight.  I know I’m almost 30, but apparently I’m trying to recapture part of my youth.  The part that I never captured in the first place.

I also woke up at 7:30am (earlier than I intended) and held babies in the nursery at church.  They were sleepy; I was sleepy.  It was a good match.

I meant to take a nap today.  But it was so beautiful outside that I decided to clean my apartment.  I know, weird conclusion, but it’s how I work.

And then I had to cook for the week.  My stewed chicken is tasting delightful.  It’s going to be another good week of Dominican dishes.

I also meant to finish homework, but I’ve decided that if I don’t get straight A’s, it’s okay.  I am not defined by my grades.

I’m not ready to face the week.