I have cheated on Lent two days in a row. But I don’t feel bad at all.  I’m not doing Lent for some legalistic reason; I’m not doing it because I think it will make me more spiritual.  I’m doing it so I can discipline myself (oops), to have some solidarity with the poor of the world (um), and I guess if I’m not perfect, it’s okay.

In the eleventh hour, I have changed my paper topic.  I have a rough draft due tomorrow, and it’s supposed to be an exegetical paper on Galatians 3:26-29.  But I hate that topic, and I hate that passage.  I am so tired of working through it: it has been beaten to death.  We’re allowed to substitute one chapter of our thesis for one paper.  So… I am going to substitute a chapter on gender identity.  I’m going to use some of what I’ve written before (shh), but will change it drastically because I want to add in stuff about the current issues in gender identity: i.e. the LGBQT community.  And, asking forgiveness is easier than permission, so… I’m just going to show up and explain in class, rather than ask ahead of time.

I’m considering taking my work to a pub and having a pint whilst working.  Do pubs have plugins for laptops?

Also, the new timeline on facebook makes it way too easy to stalk people. I just found myself tonight reading down through someone’s page, all the way to 2010 before I stopped myself. Yikes.