I am enjoying a lazy morning today.  I will probably regret this after I have to rush off to my first class in an hour.  But at the moment, I am sitting in my pajamas, eating my oatmeal and have just finished finding more typical Dominican recipes to try.

In two weeks, I’m going home for Spring Break.  Praise Jesus.  I need to be somewhere that isn’t here.

I hardly got any homework done this last weekend, but I did spend a lot of time with people, feeding my soul.  I feel as if I’m on the precipice of emotional stability at all times, and all it will take is one small push to put me over that edge.  So, in some ways, school is taking a back seat while I am trying to tend to my emotional well being for once.

I want a truck.  I really, really want a truck.  I think I will talk to my dad about it when I’m home, see what he thinks.  In theory, I could sell my car and buy one.  I’m just not sure that’s a wise decision.  It’s certainly nothing I’d do until after this semester.  Incidentally, I’m not sure I have enough money for my last class (the thesis in the Fall), and I won’t be able to get loans, so that could be a potential problem.  But obviously one that I’m not going to worry about until Summer.

Time to get a real start on my day.