It has occurred to me that I might have an outline for my thesis.  I was trying to write one for a chapter of my thesis that I’m substituting for a paper in my Colloquium class.  And as I looked at it, I realized I had inadvertently hit upon all the key points I wanted to use in my thesis, and that moreover, it is far too broad for a chapter.  I could easily take this outline, beef it up, and use it for my thesis itself, while choosing one point to use for this paper.  Score!

So far so good with going poo-free.  Yesterday was the third day of no washing (I am trying to stretch out even with the baking soda/vinegar rinse) and it was pretty bad.  But today I did the rinse and my hair is good to go again.  I’m going to play it by ear.

Only four days until I get to go home for a whole week.  I am excited.

Yesterday I made homemade marshmallows, which were much easier than I imagined.  Now, back to studying.