I’m having one of those days.  All I can think about is buying a truck and driving until I find the right place.  It doesn’t have to be much.  Just somewhere I don’t know anyone, where I can get a one bedroom apartment or small house with a washer and dryer inside and a toy poodle puppy to be my friend.

I just want to quit school, which, quite frankly, would be incredibly stupid half way through the semester.  But… I don’t actually think I have enough money to take my last class next semester, so does it matter?  I can’t believe I could get this far and potentially not be able to afford to finish.

Damn not having any money.  And you know, I never will have any.  No marketable skills.  Getting a masters degree that will qualify me to teach a woman’s bible study, for free.

Why didn’t I stay in nursing school?  Or at least pick a degree with the potential to get me a job when I finished?

Kids: let this be a lesson to you. Do NOT go to school for a degree you love. Go to school for a degree that will get you a job.

The end.