The closer my birthday draws, the more modified my 30 Before 30 list becomes.  The point of the list was to feel good about turning 30, so the things that have become impossible have been changed to possibilities.  You can call this cheating.  But I make the rules.  The biggest one, that is my fault, that had to change?  To lose 25 pounds.  I can’t seem to lose weight while I’m in school.  So I’ve changed it to: eat a salad for lunch everyday for a month.  I’m going to do it in April.  I feel like its along the same lines: being healthier.  Whenever I change things, I try to make them comparable.

I haven’t done any homework in a week, essentially.  This should scare me more than it does.  My goal for today is to finish my Greek translation, work on my sentence diagram, and work on my Biblical Theology paper rough draft.  I have one leg up for the paper: I took a class from the same prof on Bib. Theo. and I am using his notes and instructions from that class as a guide for this paper.  I at least feel like I have direction.  Sort of.  No sources yet, but you know, those will come.

I cannot wait for it to be May.