I have found myself creeping more and more back into my old patterns of living, which really is to say I’ve been bitchier and less social.  And it’s a toss-up on whether or not I care. I certainly don’t need fair-weather friends who are only willing to be my friend while I am in a happy-go-lucky, cliche Christian mode (not that I could ever be accused of that), but I do wonder if its fair to expect people to be my friend if I’m not reaching out to them, but actively shunning them.

Regardless, I was feeling low the other day (every day) and decided to ask a friend why he had continued to pursue my friendship even though I’d consistently pushed him away.  This was dredging his memory from about six years ago, so I was impressed by the level of thought he put into it.  But his response was this: “Three reasons. First you made me curious. I had to understand what made you ‘tick.’ Second, you made it a challenge, and I am very competitive due to growing up with [my brother]. Thirdly, I liked you and valued you. You listened and spoke to me and made me laugh and made me think. You moved me.”

I guess I couldn’t have asked for a better answer.  And it made me feel better, knowing that even though I’d rather crawl back into my shell, there will always be at least a few people who care to look further.